What differentiates us is the one-to-one relationship between our members and their nurse care manager, allowing an open line of communication to develop and consequently, better care.


Our comprehensive approach guides members out of the unknown by providing actionable information to quantify risk, identify cost drivers, and empower members to take charge of their health.


Personalized coaching, onsite programs and wellness workshops provide members with the tools they need to adopt healthier lifestyle habits. Our Program Managers work within each unique culture to develop a program designed to meet the specific needs.

Lifestyle Management Care Management Utilization Engagement

Lifestyle Management

Lifestyle Management

Tools to help members improve and maintain their health.

Care Management

Care Management

One-to-one collaboration with a dedicated Nurse Care Manager.

Utilization Engagement

Utilization Engagement

Identification for improved use of health care resources.

The Lifestyle Management program offers tools to help members maintain or improve their health using MyWellCenter®, an online Health Information Member Portal. Members can access the following services and tools:

  • Biometric Screenings

    Fifty percent of high risk members (not previously known in claims) are uncovered through biometric screenings. Our typical screenings include: a cholesterol panel with glucose, blood pressure and BMI.

  • Health Risk Assessment

    Our web-based customizable assessment takes 10 minutes to complete and is designed to provide members with information about their personal health risks and detail how they can achieve better health through specific lifestyle changes.

  • Live It® Interactive

    Includes workshops, challenges, campaigns for Weight management, Tobacco cessation, Stress management, Nutrition and Exercise.

  • Lifestyle Tools

    Education on a wide range of medical and lifestyle topics

* (when claim info is available)

Care Management programs provide a one-to-one collaboration with their dedicated health care manager. Member management begins with risk-based stratification based on predictive modeling tools for applying appropriate resources to the level of risk.

  • Disease Management

    Members diagnosed with certain chronic conditions and high risk utilization.

  • Acute/Episodic Management

    Proactive, episodic nurse advocacy for optimal procedural outcomes.

  • Well Care Management

    For members who are at risk for developing chronic conditions.

  • Telehealth

    eHealthScreen contracts with Teladoc®, the largest tele-health provider in the nation to resell their services. U.S. board-certified doctors can resolve many medical issues on demand 24/7 via phone consultations. This service provides a reduction in non-emergent urgent care and hospital emergency room visits, with a estimate of 97% saving for ER expenses.

The relative health of a population is ultimately driven by the behavior of its members. Through data analysis, our Utilization Engagement program has the ability to reach out to our members with recommendations to help them make healthy decisions and to improve their usage of healthcare resources.

  • Urgent/Emergent

    Nurse outreach to members who are high utilizers of the Emergency room to assist them with appropriate follow-up and ongoing care

  • Medication

    Monitor medication compliance and nurse outreach to educate members about their medications

  • Primary Care Physician

    Members identified as not having a PCP are assigned a nurse care manager to assist with selection and establishing with a PCP, as well as provided education on the importance of appropriate utilization of healthcare resources.

  • Preventative Care

    Nurse outreach to members who have not had their age recommended preventative screenings

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Over 18 Years Of Experience Working For You! Since 1997, eHealthScreen has been providing total health management strategies that deliver cost reductions as high as $3,000 per employee, per year. Our mission is to improve member health and reduce health plan costs for employers.


Fully customizable programs to meet the needs of your population.


Proven strategies to drive high participation levels, which identifies unknown and unmanaged risk.


Integrated approach to design programs that adapt to client needs.

Measure Risk:

Stratification of population utilizing a combination of biometric screenings, claims and usage analysis.

Manage Members:

Flexible approach using 24/7 access to member portal and one-on-one relationships with a Nurse Care manager.

Control Cost:

Quantify risk, identify cost drivers, and empower members to take charge of their health.

Member Testimonials

Member Testimonials